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UFI approved event, ITIF ASIA organized by Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan. wind energy solar power renewable alternative energy, alternate fueling exhibition conference Pakistan green clean energy geothermal potential sustainable power production


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Renewable Energy


60% Space Sold in Advance!

EC Gateway today announced that 60% of the exhibition space for the ITIF Asia 2013 has now been sold. ITIF Asia is the foremost, annual show of world leaders,investors, policy makers, researchers, financial institutions and experts dedicated to renewable energy and the environment.

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5th International Conference on  Alternative Energy ICAEP
Alternative Energies in Pakistan :: Opportunities & Challenges


Chief Guest & Keynote Speaker
Mr. Arif Alauddin, Chief Executive Officer, Alternative Energy Development Board-AEDB


Guest of Honor: Dr. Christian Brecht, Consul General of Germany
Co - Chair: Dr. Graeme Towers F. Fin, Chief Executive Officer , WellBeingGreen (Pvt.) Ltd.


Renewable Energies Applications in Pakistan – Potentials & Barriers
Mr. Bernhard Meyhofer,
Principal Advisor
Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
Biomass & Renewable Energy – Challenges & Opportunities in Pakistan
Dr. Graeme Towers F. Fin
Chief Executive Officer
WellBeingGreen (Pvt.) Ltd.
Alternate Energy – Key Financing Perspective
Mr. Saeed Iqbal,
EVP & Group Head
Investment Banking, United Bank Ltd.
Commercial Lenders’ Perspective on Wind Power Sector
Mr. Usman Hameed,
Head of Project
Financing, Habib Bank Limited
Carbon credits, an important instrument in the financial

Mr. Stefan Knauth
CDM Expert, CIM Germany
Case Study I
Engr. Rukhsana Zuberi, Chairperson,
Pakistan Engineering Council


Chairperson: Mr. Mujahid Sadiq, Director General-International Cooperation, Alternative Energy Development Board
Exciting New Opportunities for PV Solar Field in Pakistan
Engr. Irfan Ahmad

Head of Renewable Energy Department
Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co. Ltd
PSO Initiatives – Fuels for the Next Generation
Mr. Nawaid Anjum Zaidi
Deputy General Manager, Pakistan State Oil
Importance of Coal in Pakistan’s Development
Mr. Ghazanfar Jawaid,
Head of Operations, Morgan Technologies
Feed in Tariff: Most Effective Policy for Promoting Renewable Energy
Mr. Masood Ahmed,
Head – Sustainable
Development Research Centre, SZABIST
Gender & Energy for Sustainable Development
Mr. Mujahid Sadiq
Director General – International Cooperation
Alternative Energy Development Board
Case Study II
Introduction to Indigenous production of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Mr. M. Aslam Azad, Managing Director, AGECO (Pvt.) Ltd
Introduction to Indigenous production of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines



The Event stressed upon the point that Pakistan has enormous unexploited renewable energy resources waiting to be harvested and thereby the organizers are building up a platform and paving way for prospective level Local - International , Public -Private collaborations .

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