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Power Alternative Energy Exhibition Conferences Pakistan Asia
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Power & Alternative Energy Exhibition

The Exhibition will discuss the direct and indirect benefits of alternative fuels, energy conversion, alternative energy resources their synergy with other renewable energies, ways of improving economics through prudent planning and the use of advanced technology for design, construction and refurbishment of our energy potentials.

Electrical Power Generation

Alternative / Renewable Energy

Hydro Power

Natural Gas

Solar Energy

Total Generation Capacity 19,222 MW
Electricity Distribution Network 360,000 Km
Sectoral Share of Energy Consumption 34.4% Transportation
34.2 % Industrial
23 % Residential
3.1 % Commercial
2.6 % Agriculture
2.7 % Government
Fuel Share Of Energy Consumption 43.8 % Natural Gas
39 % Oil
11 % Hydroelectricity
5.2 % Coal
1 % Nuclear
Total Supplies to the Energy Mix 48.12 Million TOE
Average Growth in Energy Consumption 4.8 % per annum


Organized By ECommerce Gateway Pakistan Member ufi - The Global Association of the Exhibitoin Industry