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Pakistan - The Regional Business Hub

Pakistan - the land of numerous unexplored opportunities has recently earned a good name in the international market for being a vibrant and progressive developing country in the world. The Government of Pakistan has adopted a liberal investment policy to attract maximum foreign investment, where foreign investors can hold up to 100% equity in several economic sectors. As a result, the foreign direct investment in the Country has increased substantially over the past few years, thus differentiating Pakistan from many other countries of the region. Also, the vital indicators of Pakistan's economy have shown extra-ordinary improvement such as enhanced GDP and GNP  with per capita income crossing US$925.

Pakistan's economy is gaining more strength with each passing year, underpinned by a buoyant private sector. The world is witnessing the real GDP of Pakistan maintaining a steady growth at one of the fastest rates in the history of the Country and among the highest in the economies of the world. The international trade is increasing owing to revolutionary changes in tariff structures and better international relations. Power demand is growing both at industrial as well as consumer levels. The foreign exchange reserves are maintained at a respectable level. Major investments are underway on power generation, developing newer sources of energy to meet the increasing demands in the Country, power transmission & distribution, infrastructure, telecommunication, housing, ports and communication & information technology etc.

The current pace of development in Pakistan is no miracle but is the result of a dedicated and continuous effort by the Government of Pakistan through implementing policies for deregulation, liberalization and privatization.

The establishment of Democratic Government in Pakistan has been welcomed globally and the entire industrialized nations have shown their willingness to increase their financial and technical assistance manifold.

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