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70% Space Sold in Advance!

EC Gateway today announced that70% of the exhibition space for the ITIF Asia 2016 has now been sold in advance. ITIF Asia is the foremost, annual show of world leaders, investors, policy makers, researchers, financial institutions and experts dedicated to renewable energy and the environment.

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Welcome to Visitor Registration :: Power Alternative Energy Exhibition

The Power & Alternative Energy Asia Exhibition was the biggest ITIF-asia-exhibition-inauguration-2015specialized event in Pakistan, covering power generation, transmission and distribution, development of newer sources of energy saving technologies. The Exhibition welcomes leading manufacturers and suppliers’ of equipment and services for the sectors: electric, hydroelectric, thermal, natural gas, fuels, nuclear and solar power supply systems, electricity transmission networks, manufacturers of energy saving equipment and technology, safety, construction, repair and maintenance organizations etc.

Being held in conjunction with International Trade & Industry Fair - ITIF Asia, the Exhibition will not only be the premier meeting place for International power & alternative energy producing organizations who are interested to invest in the conducive market of Pakistan, but also the largest forum for discussing the real issues concerning energy.



International Conference 2016

Energy Conference incorporating Power, Alternative Energy and Oil & Gas


The Energy Conference to be held at Karachi Expo Centre. Get Registered ... Alternative Fuelling Exhibition AsiaIt is an ideal platform for establishing international linkages and transferring the state-of-the-art technologies know-how on renewable energy to local research institutions and industries in Pakistan. On ICAEP podium, prominent speakers will have an opportunity to highlight the key issues such as future growth in the energy sector, new emerging technologies, materials and processes for renewable energy; access the overall progress of industry and formulate strategies to strengthen this industry.




The Event stressed upon the point that Pakistan has enormous unexploited renewable energy resources waiting to be harvested and thereby the organizers are building up a platform and paving way for prospective level Local - International , Public -Private collaborations .

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